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The dog biting the mailman is an old joke, but in truth few things can be more frightening than a dog or other animal attack. Physical and psychological injuries from such an attack can be severe and traumatic. Too often, the victim is a child, in which case the injuries can be fatal. Legal statutes regarding dog attacks vary by state; many hold the dog owner "strictly liable" (responsible regardless of other circumstances) for the behavior of the dog - provided that the victim did willfuly provoke the attack. If this condition is met, it makes little difference where the attack happened, or whether it is the first attack for the animal. Some states give dogs “one free bite” - the benefit of the doubt that the owner could not have known that the dog was dangerous (and therefore cannot be held responsible) until after the first attack.

If you are a dog owner, take these steps to minimize the chances of your dog attacking someone:

  • Have your dog "fixed" - spayed or neutered
  • Avoid teaching/promoting rough play
  • Keep your dog's vaccinations current
  • Invest in obedience classes to teach your dog to respond to vocal commands
  • Always supervise a dog with babies and small children
  • Do not allow your dog to roam; use a pen or fenced yard

Safety tips in dealing with dogs:

  • Do not bother/interact with strange dogs
  • In particular, never approach a dog during eating, sleeping, or caring for puppies
  • Always allow a dog to see you and smell you before attempting to pet or touch it
  • Never leave children unsupervised with any dog
  • Never act aggressively with a dog; avoid staring and running from it
  • If you are attacked by a dog, remain still; if you are knocked down, protect yourself by rolling into a ball
  • Seek medical help quickly. Attempting to determine the owner should be secondary to seeking help

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