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Failure to Diagnose Cancer

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Failure to diagnose cancer can have catastrophic or fatal results in people who would have otherwise had a good chance of making a full recovery or living much longer. Failure to diagnose cancer includes misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis of cancer. Some types of cancer respond very well to early treatment and even in the most aggressive and deadly forms of cancer early detection improves the prognosis. If you have been the victim of failure to diagnose cancer or lost a loved one due to delayed diagnosis, please talk to a Davie, FL, medical malpractice attorney today.

Consequences of Failure to Diagnose Cancer

Failure to diagnose cancer can have severe consequences. Of course, it can mean dying of a form of cancer that is easily eradicated with early treatment, but it can also mean unnecessary pain, disfigurement, and disability for those who survive. Treatment of more advanced cancer can be exponentially more expensive than early treatments. Consequences of failure to diagnose cancer can include:

  • Treatments which are more aggressive, more painful, and far more dangerous
  • Surgeries which are more invasive
  • Significantly more pain from the cancer itself
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of organs or limbs
  • Disability
  • Damage to overall health from the cancer and from the treatments
  • Shortened life
  • Extreme emotional distress for victims and loved ones
  • Wrongful death

Causes of Failure to Diagnose Cancer

Cancer may be overlooked by doctors and other medical professionals for a number of reasons which constitute medical malpractice including:

  • Failure to recognize or respond to risk factors
  • Failure to recognize or respond to early warning signs
  • Failure to acknowledge or respond to symptoms or warning signs reported by patient
  • Choosing not to perform or recommend appropriate tests due to financial concerns
  • Improper blood or tissue sampling
  • Laboratory error
  • Improper reading of test results
  • Failure to follow up with patient

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