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Jury awards horse trainer $3,700,000 for back injury

On October 8, 1992, Michael Becker was driving his car Eastbound on Atlantic Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale when a tractor trailer owned by AAA Cooper Transportation made an illegal left turn in front of Mr. Becker's vehicle. Mr. Becker was unable to react in time and collided with the trailer. As a result of a severe impact, Mr. Becker suffered 3 herniated discs which required surgical repair. There were significant complications in these surgeries which left Mr. Becker partially paralyzed. During a second surgical repair, the hospital staff failed to position him correctly on the operating table which resulted in a partial paralysis in both of Mr. Becker's hands preventing him from being able to return to work.

After a 6 day trial, the jury awarded damages of $3,700,000.