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$600,000 for Shooting in Public Park

Our client was a local construction worker who was riding his ATV in the everglades “mudding” with family and friends.  The park in the everglades was owned by Dade County but it was leased to a private company for off road track activities.  The private company was required to hire 24 hour security and they chose to hire non-professional security guards to patrol and safeguard the public areas.  The licensee hired a family from Texas to live on the property in a trailer and were not trained who security procedures and public safety.   When our client entered the public park on his ATV with his friends and family, the Texas security guard got in a vehicle and started chasing them off the property by firing handguns and rifles over their heads.  Unfortunately, one of the bullets hit our client in the back causing nerve injury.

A Broward County Jury awarded him $600,000 for lost wages, medical expenses and pain and suffering for permanent damage to his sural nerve.