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Insurance Adjusters

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Insurance adjustors, or claims adjustors, work for the insurance company. No matter how the insurance adjustor presents himself, his job is to save the insurance company money on your claim. You should always talk to an accident attorney before giving any kind of statement to an insurance adjustor and before accepting ay kind of offer or signing anything. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, a Davie, FL, accident attorney from Fenster & Cohen, P.A., can help you protect your legal rights.

Dirty Tactics Insurance Adjustors Use against You

An insurance adjustor will typically take one of two approaches. He may act like he cares about you and is trying to help you get the best deal possible from the insurance company, or he may try to intimidate you. Either way, it is an attempt to protect the insurance company from paying the full amount that you are entitled to for your accident.

If you receive an offer right away it is usually far less than you should get. The insurance company hopes that you will take the money and sign away your right to full compensation. The insurance company may even issue an automatic payment. Do not accept it without talking to your accident attorney first.

Another tactic is to wear you down by delaying your claim. In this case the insurance adjustor is hoping that you will either give up or become so desperate that you will accept any payment, no matter how small.

Insurance adjusters may try to convince you that you do not need a lawyer. He may tell you that hiring a lawyer will cost you more than your claim is worth. The truth is, your initial consultation with the accident attorneys of Fenster & Cohen, P.A. is free of charge. Then, if we feel that you have a case, we work on a contingency basis, meaning we only get paid if you get paid. Contrary to what the insurance adjustor may tell you, you have nothing to lose by consulting with one of our attorneys about your accident.

The insurance adjuster may try to convince you that you were at fault, partially at fault, or at the very least it will appear that you were at fault in court. Again, you should always talk to an accident attorney about the facts in your case. There may be elements that you are not aware of which can only be revealed through a proper investigation of your accident, which you will not get from the insurance adjustor or even the police.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a motor vehicle accident, please call Davie, FL, accident attorneys Fenster & Cohen, P.A. (954) 845-8989, (561) 737-7789 or (877) 845-8989 or submit an online questionnaire. The initial consultation is free of charge, and if we agree to handle your case, we will work on a contingency fee basis, which means we get paid for our services only if there is a monetary recovery of funds. In many cases, a lawsuit must be filed before an applicable expiration date, known as a statute of limitations. Please call right away to ensure that you do not waive your right to possible compensation.