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LASIK Malpractice

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LASIK, and other types of laser vision correction surgery, have become very popular and most patients benefit from the procedure. However, a small percentage of laser eye surgery patients experience permanent vision loss or damage to their eyes, and in some cases it is the result of medical malpractice. Deep discounts and rushed procedures, due to the popularity of the procedure, are often part of the underlying problem in LASIK malpractice.

Failure to Properly Screen Patients

Different types of laser eye surgery carry different risks. People who cannot safely have LASIK surgery may be able to safely undergo a different type of laser vision correction. Some people cannot safely undergo any type of laser eye surgery. Eye surgeons have a responsibility to screen their patients for risk factors, determine which, if any, type of eye surgery is safe and appropriate.

While each patient is unique, there are some well-established standards which can rule out all procedures, or a specific procedure, for a patient. For instance, people with large pupils are more likely to experience vision problems after laser eye surgery. People with very thin corneas cannot safely undergo LASIK, but may benefit from another type of vision correction surgery.

LASIK Factories

Laser eye surgery is an out-patient procedure, and the surgery itself takes only a few minutes. This can be very misleading to patients. Good results still require a very high level of precision and skill. Due to the popularity and profitability of LASIK, we now have what some refer to as “LASIK factories” where patients are rushed in and out with very little personal attention. In order to maximize profits, they may allow unskilled practitioners to perform the procedures and use substandard or poorly maintained equipment.

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