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Confidential settlement for shoulder dystocia injury

A confidential settlement was attained for the parents and victim of a birth injury at a South Miami hospital. At the time of delivery, the treating obstetrician encountered a shoulder dystocia where the shoulder of the infant becomes stuck behind the pelvic bone in the birth canal. Instead of instituting appropriate maneuvers , the treating obstetrician pulled on the baby's head and exerted downward pressure. This resulted in a tearing of nerves around the neck resulting in a brachial plexis injury which left the baby's right arm paralyzed.

When the mother and child were discharged, the hospital failed to tell them what had occurred. It was only after seeking legal advice that the parents discovered the nature and extent of the injury and that early surgical intervention was required.

Both the hospital and the treating obstetrician contributed to a confidential settlement payable to the child over his lifetime.