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$2.8 Million Dollar Settlement for Injured Victim of Assisted Living

An elderly Broward County woman died after multiple falls from her assisted living facility bed. We were able to demonstrate that the woman was not appropriate for admission to an assistant living facility and required comprehensive care at a nursing home. Despite the fact that the resident fell five to six times while living at the facility, she was not moved to an appropriate home. As a result of her multiple falls, she had a broken leg, sustained pelvic fractures and had broken her neck for which she was placed in a halo device. Unfortunately, when her nurses' aide was out of the room, she attempted to get up and fell out of bed sustaining massive head injury leading to her unfortunate death.

The facility involved kept our client in the ALF facility despite regulations indicating that she was an inappropriate resident. They did so for monetary reasons as she was paying more than $6,000 a month for her residency. Based upon the facility's violation of state law which resulted in the injury and death of our elderly client, we were able to obtain a settlement of $2.8 million dollars for the family