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Fort Lauderdale Securities Fraud Lawyer

The public trading and investing of securities is the object of careful oversight and regulation. Violating these rules intentionally through deception, collusion, and conspiracy is known as securities fraud. The most common players in securities fraud include:

  1. Brokers/dealers, who may mislead clients or offer advice based on insider/illegal information
  2. Financial advisors and analysts, who also may mislead clients
  3. Corporations, who may hide, disort, or misrepresent information to investors or officials
  4. Investors, who may seek, solicit, and act on inside/illegal information

The vast majority of investment losses result from "natural" market forces, trends, and factors entirely separate from the willful actions of securities fraud.

By the same token, most advisors, stockbrokers, and other investment and financial professionals are honest, individuals who make a career of observing the rules and regulations of the securities industry and thereby providng a valuable service to the public.

However, there do exist both individual investment professionals as wel as entire brokerage firms who tacitly or actively, singularly or repeatedly, commit securities fraud. This may take the form of malicious or insider advice, lack of oversight and accountability, or any number of other violations.

If you are a securities investor and have experienced problems with your investments, your advisor, your broker, or another financial professional, you may have been the victim of securities fraud. Most often, defrauded investors are unaware of the fraud until it is too late; some may never know. The good news is that even after losses have occurred, you are entitled to certain rights of recourse. These legal actions may provide an opportunity to reclaim some or all of your losses. Additionally, you may be entitled to receive compensation for income that your investments should/would have been generating, were it not for the fraud. Consider the following questions:

  1. Are you a victim of bad investment advice?
  2. Has your broker or advisor recommended risky investments while neglecting to fully explain the risks?
  3. Has your broker or advisor completed trades without your understanding or authorization?
  4. Has your broker or advisor traded your account excessively?

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