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Fort Lauderdale Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is damage to the brain due to a sudden trauma to the head. Often, the brain is not directly damaged by the blow, but rather by being driven again the inside of the skull by the force of the impact. "Shaken baby syndrome" is a tragic and well-known type of this trauma. All TBI can cause bruising, swelling, and, in some cases, bleeding. Injuries in which the skull is not damaged (cracked or broken) are considered "closed" head injuries, while those in which the skull is compromised are called "penetrating."

Closed head injuries are more difficult to assess, as the physical damage to the brain cannot be directly observed. Instead, medical professionals look for outward symptoms of brain damage - behavior, personality changes, etc. Because these signs can be subtle and delayed, and are most often entirely invisible to the patient him/herself, anyone who sustains a trauma to the head, including whiplash-like injuries, should be evaluated for TBI by a medical professional.

TBI can be serious, even life-threatening. It can result in permanent, irreversible damage to the brain. It may cause a host of symptoms, including paralysis, seizures, blindness, memory loss, and many other disabilities. Symptoms of TBI may be obvious (such as coma) or subtle (such as a shift in personality or emotional behavior). Overall, the impact of TBI on the patient's life can be profound.

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