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Over Three Million Americans now live in nursing homes and senior facilities. We are here to help victims of neglect and their families fight for justice for injuries to seniors. If you or your loved ones have experienced abuse or neglect while under care from nursing homes, assisted living facilities, home health aides, or other senior care facilities, we want to hear from you. We will help you build your case and get you the compensation you are entitled to. The consultation is free and no obligation.

Over 40% of nursing home residents report abuse. 95% report neglect. We have handled cases of elder abuse involving bedsores (pressure sores), decubitus ulcers, falls, hoyer lift accidents, broken hips, fracture chocking deaths, serious infections, sepsis, malnutrition, dehydration, medication administration errors, therapy injuries, physical abuse, COVID infections, home health aide neglect, amputations, Alzheimer’s and memory care negligence, sexual assaults, death, hospice errors, elopement, wandering, physical abuse, lack of hygiene. Our job is to hold negligent or abusive senior care facilities accountable for their actions. We offer services on a contingency basis, which means that you do not pay anything unless we obtain compensation in your behalf.

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  1. 35 Years Representing victims of elder Abuse
  2. Multi-million Dollars Jury Awards of Settlement
  3. Experienced and Dedicated to Senior Justice
  4. We Hold Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facilities
  5. Accountable for their Actions

Previous Case Results for Fenster and Cohen, P.A. Law Firm:

Nursing Home/Assisted Living Cases

Nursing Home/Assisted Living Cases:

Jury Verdict Award
Nursing Home for a wrongful death case for a resident from bedsore and survived by 15 children.

Assisted Facility Negligence/Settlement obtained for a resident sustaining multiple falls at an assisted living facility resulting in hip replacement surgery and permanent disability.

Assisted Living Facility Negligence/Settlement obtained against the assisted living facility for injuries to a resident sustained from multiple falls requiring surgery.

Jury Verdict
Nursing Home Abuse/Jury awards injured resident $857,000 for failure to timely transfer the resident to a hospital resulting in death.

Assisted Living Negligence/Settlement was obtained for a resident who sustained fractures following a fall at the facility and Defendant did not seek care.

Nursing Home Neglect/Resident of nursing home facility left unsupervised and choked on food causing death.

Arbitration Award
Assisted Living Facility Negligence/A resident awarded damages as a result of the assisted living facility’s negligence in failing to secure its Memory Unit allowing an Alzheimer’s resident to escape, suffering from injuries after being stung by fire ants.

General Negligence Cases

General Negligence Cases

Jury Verdict Award
A Broward County Jury awarded an injured motorcycle writer for injury sustained in a motor vehicle collision.

Jury Verdict Award
A substantial Jury Verdict was obtained for an injured Plaintiff who was hit by kitchen cabinets that were not properly installed by his landlord.

A substantial settlement was achieved for a family of a 19-year-old boy killed in a car accident. Policy limits obtained.

Policy limits of insurance obtained for a 19-year-old construction worker killed at a Miami Construction site.

Jury Verdict
For injuries sustained after shooting in a public park.

Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical Malpractice Cases

Jury Verdict Awards
Orlando Jury awards brain damage woman in a Lawsuit brought against Orlando Hospital for Medical Malpractice.

Confidential Settlement
Medical malpractice/brain damage following outpatient shoulder surgery.

Medical malpractice lawsuit for misdiagnosis of a spinal infection

Medical Malpractice action against physician for infect with brain injuries

Medical malpractice against Broward County Hospital for delay treatment of blood clots

Medical Malpractice settlement for a baby injured at birth causing permanent nerve injury.

Medical Malpractice settlement of lawsuit for woman who died following childbirth for the full of extend of liability insurance coverage available.

Medical Malpractice against treating physician for mismanagement of kidney stones resulting in death. Insurance policy limits paid.

Medical Malpractice – a significant settlement was obtained for the parents of an infant who died shortly after childbirth.

Medical Malpractice – Settlement for medication administration error at local hospital resulting in death.

Medical Malpractice for mismanagement of infection following gallbladder surgery resulting in death.

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